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Here at The eXpert Virtual Production, we have the technical know-how, sophisticated equipment and creative insight needed to produce top quality music videos, commercials or motion picture projects. All of the different elements that play a role in video production can be confusing. The eXpert Virtual Production has all the experience and technology required to produce top-quality high-class video projects at an affordable price.


Visual media is a highly effective tool for businesses and artists. There's no doubt about it. A visually captivating narrative creates tangible results and converts prospects into repeat, paying customers. Video and visual media mark the transformation of an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. Video production is an integral part of what we do at The eXpert Virtual Production.


When partnering with us, you join forces with a dedicated team of capable, skilled, and imaginative artists, working together to make your idea come true.

Video Camera

Video & Audio Production

Here at The eXpert Virtual Production, we have the technical know-how, sophisticated equipment and creative insight needed to produce top quality music videos. These videos can be just what your band or solo performer needs to elevate their public image to the next level of success and prestige. The judicious release of a music video at the appropriate time can enhance album sales and publicity. Depending on your requirements and budget, we will work with you to tailor a music video production package that meets your needs.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art. We have the highly trained camera operators needed to handle complex recording equipment. You can use a single camera, or if you want multiple angles and quick cuts, record your video with a multi-camera crew. We film in high-definition for the best picture quality. In order to get the ambiance you want, our location scouts and lighting directors will spare no effort in finding (or creating) exactly the setting you are looking for. We can shoot indoors at a studio, or outdoors, whatever you require.

As regards the quality of the audio itself, we use advanced mixing consoles, allowing you to achieve exactly the sound that you are aiming for. You can have everything done in a digital format, or we can produce analog recordings, too. We employ highly trained sound engineers and audio personnel, who can ensure that your audio is handled correctly. By the end of the process, your video will look and sound superb.

We can bring in our talented and creative team to work for you. Our producers and directors are experienced in making a wide range of audio-visual media. They can give you ideas about what is likely to work or not work within the format and budget of your video. Don't make a costly mistake by dealing with inexperienced or careless operators. The eXpert Virtual


Production, we have years of production experience, which we are always happy to share with you.

Our services do not stop when your video has been successfully shot. Even when you have all the footage you need, we understand that there is still a lot of work to be done. We will continue working with you throughout the post-production stage until you have a polished video showcasing your performers at the top of their form.

Our amazing technical team can add special effects, title sequences, and captions. Depending on your vision and creative direction, we can even produce animations and artwork that you can incorporate into your final video. It goes without saying that we are highly proficient in the editing process, and we will ensure that there is no filler and that every second of content will be impeccable.

After all, this careful and meticulous work is done, you will have a video that will serve to promote and showcase the talents of your performer or group. But there is still more work to be done, and we will not leave you to do it all by yourself. Perhaps as important as the actual production of the video is the distribution of it.

We have contacts and arrangements with top distributors of media content. We can advise you as to the best channels for distributing your video so that it is viewed by many people who are disposed to having a favorable reaction. Not only can views of your video drive audio sales, but it is also possible to make the videos generate substantial revenues by themselves. We can also help you with booking live performances. In this way, you can benefit from the three-fold synergy of coordinating your live performances, audio recordings, and music videos to enhance the performance of all your media products.

We are entering a new world of digital media, huge bandwidth consumption, and unparalleled consumer choice. If you want your content to stay relevant and popular, you need somebody by your side who understands these developments and is able to exploit new opportunities and ways of doing business. The eXpert Virtual Production can be your partner in exploring these exciting possibilities.

Motion Picture Production

Motion pictures are a prominent aspect of modern culture. They serve as both a medium and a platform for storytelling. When done well, films can inform, enlighten, persuade, and evoke every human emotion imaginable. A well-received film can even permanently alter a person's perspective. At the very least, a good film will remain in the viewers' memory for years to come. A badly made film, however, will simply be derided at the water cooler and then quickly be forgotten – doomed to fade into oblivion.

So what determines the quality of a motion picture? What is that special element that makes one film a box-office hit and banishes another to grocery store bargain bins? The answer is production. Regardless of how grandiose the vision for your film may be, the quality of the product will determine its eventual success. Viewers have very high expectations these days and will easily spot shoddy production work. Luckily for you, The eXpert Virtual Production can provide you with motion picture production services that are second to none.

What The eXpert Virtual Production Can Provide


One of the primary expenses in film production is purchasing or renting the necessary equipment. This expense can be difficult to justify, particularly for small-scale or one time only production projects. The eXpert Virtual Production can provide you with the latest in production technology including top quality cameras, sound equipment, digital and analog recording, equipment for high definition (HD) viewing, and mixing consoles, to name just a few of the available options. If you require an item that isn't currently part of our inventory, we will go the extra mile to secure the use of that equipment for you. We will ensure that only the very best production tools are used for the creation of your motion picture. Great equipment translates into a great quality film.


Of course, even the shiniest, most innovative production equipment requires competent personnel to run it. The eXpert Virtual Production can connect you with talented, experienced, and creative staff members who will help you make your motion picture dream a reality. Need a cameraman? We can find one for you. Looking to hire an entire crew? We can help you with that as well. Whether you need producers, directors, or even personal assistants, The eXpert Virtual Production can meet your unique production needs.


The eXpert Virtual Production understands that you have a unique vision for your motion picture that will require unique production facilities. We are willing to work with you to find an ideal facility for your project. We offer a huge range of facilities including single or occasional use studios as well as longer-term locations. Most importantly, The eXpert Virtual Production guarantees that you will receive the absolute best value for your money. We understand the heavy financial burden incurred when leasing facilities. We can provide high-quality production facilities at a cost that won't decimate your entire motion picture budget.

Why The eXpert Virtual Production is the Best Choice


Motion picture production requires a unique blend of technology and art. A film could be outstanding in terms of its digital effects but decidedly sub-par in the storyline or character development. That is why any motion picture production requires considerable creative input. The staff of The eXpert Virtual Production will become your partners in production and will offer their considerable creative insight to ensure that the end product is truly extraordinary. They will add the necessary creative flourishes without detracting from your original idea.


The eXpert Virtual Production has experienced unprecedented growth in the past ten years and we anticipate this growth to continue far into the future. Part of the immense success of The eXpert Virtual Production has been its partnerships with major national and international media companies. These business partnerships have been sustained through the dedication and professionalism of The eXpert Virtual Production staff. While working with you on your motion picture production project, we will treat you with the utmost respect and of course professionalism.



All staff working with you on your motion picture will be highly experienced in all aspects of motion picture production. They will be able to answer any questions you have throughout the production process and will use your feedback to tailor the production experience to your needs. We guarantee that all personnel have years of experience in their field and will use that knowledge to make your motion picture the best it can be.


Not only will The eXpert Virtual Production staff approach your project with experience, professionalism, and an open mind, they will also become personally invested in the success of your motion picture. We will make sure that you thoroughly investigate every avenue for optimizing your motion picture production.

Cost Efficiency

We don't want to see financial worries to stand in the way of your motion picture. If you have grand ambitions but a meagre budget, The eXpert Virtual Production can provide cost-effective budgeting solutions. Our long-standing dedication to media services allows us to provide the highest quality services, facilities, equipment, and personnel at a low price. If you are still concerned with budgeting for your motion picture project, we encourage you to contact us. We will discuss with you various methods to ensure your project stays within the budget you determine. We won't pressure you into working with us; we will simply lay out your options. We trust that once you have spoken with our talented staff, you'll realize that The eXpert Virtual Production is the right choice for motion picture production.

Regardless of the size and scope of your film, The eXpert Virtual Production can provide you with everything you need for easy, affordable, and timely production of your motion picture. Do you need experienced personnel? We've got them. Do you need high-quality production equipment? We can certainly provide that. Do you need superb production facilities? We've got you covered there as well. The eXpert Virtual Production will address your unique needs and deliver unparalleled motion picture production. Let us help you make your vision come to life.

Film Set

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Filming Location
Film Equipment
Video Camera

Creative Development

Visual media is a highly effective tool for businesses and artists. There's no doubt about it. A visually captivating narrative creates tangible results and converts prospects into repeat, paying customers. Video and visual media mark the transformation of an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. Video production is an integral part of what we do at The eXpert Virtual Production.


With the latest optical and video production equipment, our production team is ready to go. Whoever your audience, you can be sure that top-quality visual production is the standard with our company. From production planning to post-production editing and broadcasting, industry experts and professionals take part in your production from conception to broadcast.


These professionals hail from a wide variety of backgrounds in visual production including television, music videos, original and creative advertising, documentaries, corporate videos, and film. The eXpert Virtual Production offers all of your visual production needs in one place. Our production and support staff take care of all the details such as schedules, equipment, permits for construction, insurance, and more.

Music Videos


The eXpert Virtual Production develops and produces music videos for musicians and bands of all budgets, genres, experience, and notoriety. Our artistic crew can manage music promotions and concerts, the film lives shows and sessions, assist in-studio productions, and get your music in front of your audience. We understand the limitations that a small budget can bring, and we understand how to get the most value from every production we undertake.


Film and Television


The eXpert Virtual Production, we pride ourselves on the ability to accommodate productions of varied length and complexity. Whether your project is a five minute short with a small budget, a serial production, or a full-length feature film, you receive the same expert attention and care.


If the world of production management, schedules, rigging, call sheets, and video finishing seems a little overwhelming we've got the right answers. If set design and building aren't your strengths, we've got it covered. If you need support from the casting call to the editing room, we can help. If you simply need to fill in some gaps in your own production crew, let us know and it's as good as done.


Corporate Videos


The eXpert Virtual Production develops high-quality corporate videos for business ventures of all kinds and sizes. Corporate videos we create regardless of the scale or variety are devised to be a captivating video, that expresses its ideas in fascinating and engaging ways. Our production team oversees the entire production process and enables us to guarantee consistent and high production values from start to finish. Let The eXpert Virtual Production take your corporate video to the next level of success.


Television Commercials


The eXpert Virtual Production manages all phases of a commercial's actual production, beginning with creative development. From there, casting and scriptwriting are in capable hands. Once shooting, editing, and graphics are complete, our team perfects voice-overs and music to ready the production for broadcast. At The eXpert Virtual Production, we'll work in partnership with you to bring your concept to your audience, and create a valuable message which resonates with them and reflects your brand identity - all of this in a commercial both entertaining and influential.


When partnering with us, you join forces with a dedicated team of capable, skilled, and imaginative artists, working together to make your advertising messages the best they can be.

Commercial Production

Gone are the days when simply placing a print advertisement in the local paper was sufficient for generating business for your company. To be competitive in today's digitally obsessed world, advertising must follow suit and tread into the brave new world of digital media. One of the most influential and effective methods for advertising in today's world is through the use of video advertising, commonly referred to as commercials.

Commercials have been utilized for decades by big-name companies, small start-ups, and everything in between to give their products and services increased exposure. But just because commercials are a frequently used advertising device does not mean that everyone gets it right. A commercial that simply tells its audience to go out and purchase a product, service, etc. is not going to be very effective. In fact, research has shown that such "demanding" advertising actually has a negative effect in terms of the likelihood of the viewer performing the desired action. To put it simply, people don't like to be told what to do. Therefore, a successful commercial will communicate the company's message in an innovative and engaging manner. The best-crafted commercials are memorable and leave the viewer feeling as though they actually gained something of value. Needless to say, producing a commercial that meets all of these criteria is not an easy task. But don't be discouraged. The eXpert Virtual Production will work with you to create exceptional commercial content that will translate into considerable profits for your company.


Why Use Commercials?


Before going any further, you need to consider if commercial production is a smart choice for your company. Geico, Yahoo!, Sony, Apple, Toyota – these are all major companies with huge net-worth that regularly employ the use of commercials for advertising purposes. Clearly, their boards feel that commercial production is a worthwhile endeavor. And when you consider that U.S. companies alone invest approximately $70 billion a year in television advertising, it is obvious that commercials must have considerable benefits for the companies involved.

Of course, television advertising, particularly on popular networks, can be very expensive and maybe beyond the financial reach of small companies. But thanks to the blossoming frontier of the World Wide Web, even small companies can produce commercials and place them online to generate increased business and visibility.


So whether you are part of a highly successful corporation or a small start-up based in your garage, commercials could give your company a definitive edge.


General Commercial Tips


Pay Attention to Cost


Once you have determined that video advertising is right for you and your company, you need to create a realistic budget for commercial production. Setting a firm budget will keep you from purchasing beyond your means. Keep in mind however that commercial production isn't just about making a video product, it's an investment. A well-made and strategically placed commercial clip will effectively increase your revenue. If done well, you should get back all of the money you invested in a commercial and more through increased company visibility.


Observe Commercial Trends


Pay attention to current trends in video advertising. Take note of which types of commercials really resonate with people and stick in their minds. You should also remember what commercials people react negatively to. These trends will help you in designing your commercial.


Make Sure It's Seen


The most life-changing commercial ever created won't have a significant impact if it isn't seen by viewers. Make sure your commercial will be seen whether by television broadcasting on targeted channels or through links with social media networks on the web.


Make It Memorable


For a commercial to alter viewer behavior, it has to be memorable. You have to create a video advertisement that has some aspect that sticks with the viewer. Simply telling the viewer that your company is the best isn't enough. Video advertising allows you to demonstrate to the viewer precisely how and why your company is the best.


Sound Complicated? We Can Help


All of the different elements that play a role in commercial production can be confusing. The eXpert Virtual Production has all the experience and technology required to produce a top-quality commercial at an affordable price.

Purchasing equipment for producing a commercial can be a huge expense. The eXpert Virtual Production makes that expense an unnecessary one because we can give you easy access to all of the production equipment you need. We have high-end cameras, sound recording equipment, mixing boards, and anything else you could possibly need for the production of your commercial.


If you are concerned about acquiring production facilities, we have a wide array of studios from which to choose. We have locations ranging from single-use studios to long-term venues. The eXpert Virtual Production will work with you to find a suitable production facility.


Not only do we have superb equipment and facilities, but we also have talented personnel who can assist you with every step of the production process. We can provide you with expert cameramen, sound mixers, producers, directors, digital artists – anyone you need! Our staff will work with you to create tangible results from your commercial ideas. The staff members of The eXpert Virtual Production are experts in their chosen fields with years of media experience. We will be available to you to answer any and all questions you may have during the production process. We can even help you create plans for post-production and serve as advisors for the broadcasting of your commercial.


Creating that outstanding commercial for your company can be challenging, but you don't have to face it alone. The eXpert Virtual Production can provide you with expert staff, high-tech equipment, and exceptional facilities to meet all of your production needs. And when the production process has concluded you can utilize our extensive experience in broadcasting and digital content distribution to determine how to best utilize your new commercial for the growth of your company. We want to help you create a commercial that everyone will be talking about!